Memories of Africa

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Last fall, participants in The Traveling School’s southern Africa semester had the opportunity to experience Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa in an incredibly personal way. This group of students, and their bus, Big Blue, embarked on an academic adventure graced with the spray of the Zambezi River, friendships formed with members of a San [...]

South America – TTS31

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Welcome to Spring 2018 blog- South America   Thank you!  Dear TTS31 Family, As our journey comes to a close, we are filled with gratitude for the many people who have made this semester possible. As is customary with a grand adventure, we are in disbelief how quickly three and half months have passed and [...]

15 Reasons to give to The Traveling School this year!

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Are you wondering ‘why should I give to The Traveling School’? Well, we’ve a got 15 reasons to contribute to the The Traveling School financial aid fund to celebrate our 15th year: Reason #15: Donating makes you feel good! We’re not kidding! Studies have shown that donating can boost your mood, increase brain activity and [...]

Southern Africa – Fall 2017

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  Welcome to the Fall 2017 blog- Southern Africa. Time to Transition We’ve now traveled thousands and thousands of miles, slept in over 30 different locations, visited four countries, and met countless people that inspired us, and taught us stories we would not be able to hear anywhere else. Find a quiet space and get [...]

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TTS27 Zenith Project Update

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TTS27 Zenith Project Update by Carsyn Randolph, TTS27 Alumna During our time abroad in South America as TTS27, we felt unconditional love from many wonderful people and communities with open and loving hearts. One of the communities that our group felt welcomed by was the community of Ocutuan in Peru. The community of Ocutuan is [...]

South America – Spring 2017

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 Welcome to the Spring 2017 blog–South America.   Thank you!  Dear vicarious TTS29ers, As we put the finishing touches on the semester, I look back on the months we spent preparing and getting to know one another through phone calls, emails, Skype chats and in person meetings. Those months filled me with inspiration and hope for another [...]

TTS20 Celebrating 5 Years

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Alumnae Scholarship The TTS20 Alumnae have traveled far and wide since their Traveling School semester in 2012. They’ve begun to realize their passions and mold them into college degrees and careers. Their Traveling School semester shaped them.  "TTS not only gave me a sense of my self worth, but a realization that I had strength - [...]