South America Trip Blog TTS23

Read the entire library of blogs from TTS23, South America Spring 2014 here: “I live out of an enormous blue backpack, I have Spanish class in the streets of Cusco, and I travel with my classmates and teachers. After three months of being a TTS girl, my mind overflows with knowledge that I wish [...]

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International Teachers Get WET in Bozeman

Project WET staff are accustomed to traveling the globe to train educators to teach about water. It's more rare that the world comes to Bozeman, home of the Project WET Foundation's headquarters. International teachers from 11 different countries recently participated in a Project WET workshop as part of the six-week-long Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program sponsored by [...]

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The Traveling School Offers Girls An Experience of a Lifetime

-Article by Stacey Tompkins, MA Watching your teenage daughter hop out of the nest and stride off to explore the unknown can be unsettling for a parent. Whether it’s a new job, a beloved camp or a first Prom, the best-case scenario includes long hugs and fingers crossed for meaningful, positive outcomes. Launching a child [...]

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The Global Citizen

- Story by Nancy Yang During her four months in Central America with The Traveling School, 16-year-old Ruthy Bondurant learned the kinds of cultural lessons only firsthand experience can teach. When 16-year-old Ruthy Bondurant started preparing for a semester with The Traveling School, she wasn’t worried about sleeping in tents or navigating rugged terrain. She wasn’t [...]

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Rooney Mara: The Changeling

-Article by Hamish Bowles Hauntingly beautiful and more than a little mysterious, Rooney Mara is Hollywood’s most enigmatic leading lady. “I feel a little, like . . . schizophrenic,” confides Rooney Mara of the quartet of radically different roles that she has taken on in the intense, whirlwind working year since David Fincher’s The Girl with [...]

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Teen Vogue – The Coolest High Schools Across the Country

-Article by Heather Schwedel "High school is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of," Kurt Vonnegut (an author you'll find on many an AP English syllabus) wrote. And it's true, there's something about the mythos—gym class, late bells, lockers, Scantrons, homecoming, prom—that does seem undeniably all-American. But [...]

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