Observations in Acoliland

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Stories from an alumna's travels, research, and work in Northern Uganda We are excited to share the amazing journey of one of our alumna, Maddi Stevens (TTS15). After spending a semester in Uganda with SIT, she recently graduated from Franklin University in Switzerland and has returned to Uganda to do some amazing work. Below is [...]

Supporting the Millennial Generation

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An article in the Huffington Post from November 2014 discussed the millennial generation and their educational experience. Author Michael Mulligan stated, "...when we teach our children that outcomes are more important than process they lose the ability to enjoy learning for its own sake. Everything becomes about the end-game. The problem is that the end game [...]

Central America Semester Blog (TTS25)

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Read the TTS25 Central America Blog here... http://tts25.blogspot.com/ An excerpt by Katy from Illinois: "Chickens crowed as the moon slid its way into the perfect spot in the warm night sky. My host mother Maria Magdelena’s rocking chair slowed as she nervously looked behind her shoulders at the dimly lit houses around her, searching for an [...]

What are you doing this summer?

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Are you looking for inspiration this summer? Here's just a small list of amazing opportunities for learning, travel and exploration - (Traveling School Style). 1. Volunteer in rural Ecuador with the  The Tandana Foundation What is Tandana? Tandana comes from a Kichwa root meaning "to gather together" or "to unite" and represents the spirit of their work. [...]

Why Choose A Semester School?

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Did you know that The Traveling School is one of many semester schools for high school students? "Semester schools are accredited boarding schools for high school and gap-year students looking to dive deep into specialized curriculums for one semester." Check out this great article highlighting 10 Semester Schools that high school students should consider by Courtney [...]

TTS faculty member starts travel internship program

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Jen Herdina (Faculty TTS20 & 21) and her husband have combined their passion for travel and teaching with their business Global Treks & Adventures to offer internships for college students. Go Jen! Their story recently made local news in Minnesota. Check out the article, "Winona couple melds passion for travel, teaching" by Kayla Langmaid, Winona [...]