Why go to southern Africa? Top 10 reasons.

When Traveling School alumnae from past Africa semesters were posed with this question, they had a lot to say . . .

download (16)1. You don’t know the range of emotion you are capable of until you visit Africa. It’s like seeing black and white your entire life, then all the sudden experiencing the range of colors the world has to offer.

2. It’s the birthplace of humanity! It’s an entire diverse continent that we refer to by one name, as though it was only one place. The wildlife there is incredible; in America we’ve lost our vast herds of herbivores, in Africa they still roam.

Mozambique kids web3. The diverse climates and culture within South Africa alone almost feels like many different countries in one, from its east coast to west coast and everywhere in between, it is extremely diverse.

4. The rich history. Ranging from centuries ago to just the last decade, all of the countries we visited have a deep history, culturally and politically.

5. The arts. The music, the dance, the singing, the fine arts- amazing!river

6. The wildlife. The national parks and Safari opportunities are like none other.

7. The cultural and political atmosphere in South Africa is fascinating . . . it launched me into working toward a career in politics.

8. The people and the smiles! Everyone we met was kind. It sounds so cliché but I have never seen SO many genuine, interested smiles. That is the number one thing I miss.

9. Dune 45The music. One of my favorite memories is when we sang a haphazard, hesitant song to that group of students and they hit us back with a really beautiful harmonized song.

10. I love that there are beautiful cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town and at the same time there are amazing opportunities for outdoor adventure like whitewater rafting in Zambia, sand sledding in Namibia, hiking etc. It is a great mixture for someone who enjoys city life and is just as passionate about the outdoors.

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Thanks Melissa, Emmy, Eleanor, McKenna and Maggie for your thoughts about Africa!

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