So much to be Thankful for!

This week TTS24 is preparing a unique Thanksgiving celebration in southern Africa. On Thanksgiving, the group will incorporate Thanksgiving customs while creating new traditions with their TTS family. The Traveling School has had much to be thankful for this year!

We are thankful for our students for their curiosity and energy – they will change the world. 10342466_569355393176820_1383615828726283033_n

 We are thankful for TTS teachers, who make magic happen with their ability to inspire and challenge.IMG_5397

We are thankful for our students’ families for believing in our mission, the power of experiential education and the transformative effect of travel.


We are thankful for awesome, involved alumnae who are making positive change in their communities and across the globe.

Lala in Jordan

We are thankful for our supportive and innovative Board of Directors for their support, energy and experience.Molly & Julie sandwich board

  We are thankful for a world that recognizes the value of girl’s education.


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