Classes ARE travel at this high school.

Did you know that you don't need to take time off from school to travel? You can go to school AND travel at the same time. At The Traveling School, classes ARE travel. A recent article from the Matador Network by Amanda Machado explored how THINK Global School and The Traveling School are providing opportunities [...]

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Supporting the Millennial Generation

An article in the Huffington Post from November 2014 discussed the millennial generation and their educational experience. Author Michael Mulligan stated, "...when we teach our children that outcomes are more important than process they lose the ability to enjoy learning for its own sake. Everything becomes about the end-game. The problem is that the end game [...]

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Why Choose A Semester School?

Did you know that The Traveling School is one of many semester schools for high school students? "Semester schools are accredited boarding schools for high school and gap-year students looking to dive deep into specialized curriculums for one semester." Check out this great article highlighting 10 Semester Schools that high school students should consider by Courtney [...]

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TTS faculty member starts travel internship program

Jen Herdina (Faculty TTS20 & 21) and her husband have combined their passion for travel and teaching with their business Global Treks & Adventures to offer internships for college students. Go Jen! Their story recently made local news in Minnesota. Check out the article, "Winona couple melds passion for travel, teaching" by Kayla Langmaid, Winona [...]

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Waking Up

by Traveling School Student (TTS24 Alumna), Fall 2014 Southern Africa Semester "I got up at least five minutes past my alarm.  I was awake, I just didn’t want to get out of bed and face the shocking cold air for the sake of a typical Monday morning.  Plus, it left me in a bad mood [...]

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Maine Voices: Power of GMO labeling laws will vanish under Trans-Pacific Partnership

Article by Emelia von Saltza, TTS21 The free trade agreement will take away our rights and put them in the hands of corporations. “Made in Mexico” is a common label we see on tags of shirts, stuck to banana peels and imprinted into seatbelt buckles, yet that little tag will never tell us the truth [...]

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Creo File: Tate Drucker, Travel Photographer

What are TTS Alumnae up to?  Read a recent interview by Creo Magazine about Alumna Tate Drucker (TTS18, TTS19). “Creo had the great opportunity to pick the brain of Tate Drucker, a San Francisco based freelance photographer and photojournalist. She focuses on documentary and travel photography and her work has been featured in schools, magazines, and online publications throughout [...]

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International Teachers Get WET in Bozeman

Project WET staff are accustomed to traveling the globe to train educators to teach about water. It's more rare that the world comes to Bozeman, home of the Project WET Foundation's headquarters. International teachers from 11 different countries recently participated in a Project WET workshop as part of the six-week-long Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program sponsored by [...]

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The Traveling School Offers Girls An Experience of a Lifetime

-Article by Stacey Tompkins, MA Watching your teenage daughter hop out of the nest and stride off to explore the unknown can be unsettling for a parent. Whether it’s a new job, a beloved camp or a first Prom, the best-case scenario includes long hugs and fingers crossed for meaningful, positive outcomes. Launching a child [...]

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