Fall 2016 – Southern Africa

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Welcome to the blog for The Traveling School's 28th Semester. Fall 2016, Southern Africa.  Preparing to Transition Home Wrapping up a Traveling School semester is an emotional process. We go through a series of transitional activities to help students process these emotions and to prepare them for what’s ahead. Every semester looks a little different [...]

Why Should You Attend A Semester School?

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Ana Siegel (a Semester School Alumni) writes a wonderful blog post about the life lessons learned by attending a semester school... "To begin, what is a semester school, in the first place? These schools offer a semester-long educational experience for high school juniors, allowing them to return home with “academic credit, out-of-classroom experiences, and a [...]

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The Conscientious Traveler

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Article by Hannah Noyes, TTS25 Alumna Tourism in Central America is growing. Over 3.2 million people visited Panama in 2012 and travel and tourism contributed over two billion to the local economy. Costa Rica has one million visitors annually, bringing in one billion a year and making tourism its second largest source of income. Communities [...]

The beauty of learning…in Africa.

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by Natalie Trono, Traveling School Alumna, TTS22 southern Africa semester. When I was a freshman in high school, I learned about The Traveling School through an upperclassman. I was automatically inspired by the school’s message and decided that it was opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Now, almost two years after my semester abroad in southern [...]

TTS27 Spring 2016 Semester Blog

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Welcome to the TTS27 Spring 2016 Semester Blog.  Dear Traveling School family, Sitting in our hotel in Miami, our minds are elsewhere: with our girls waking up at home, with our girls shooting through the sky, homeward bound on planes, and with our girls cherishing their last hours together (for now) in the room next door. [...]

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Why go to southern Africa? Top 10 reasons.

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When Traveling School alumnae from past Africa semesters were posed with this question, they had a lot to say . . . 1. You don't know the range of emotion you are capable of until you visit Africa. It's like seeing black and white your entire life, then all the sudden experiencing the range of colors [...]

TTS26 Trip Report & Blog, Southern Africa

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For 3 1/2 months, 14 young women traveled throughout southern Africa. Their trip began in Zambia and carried them into Botswana, Namibia and finally - South Africa. We are delighted to bring you their trip notes about the amazing places they visited and more importantly - the people they met along the way. Click here [...]

Change Your World

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A "This I Believe" Essay by Sarah Jane Chrysler, Alumna TTS25  Sarah Jane (left) during her Traveling School Semester I have always followed. Followed the rules, followed the dress codes, and followed the people around me. I was so enthralled with where everybody else was headed and how I could get there to [...]

4 Surprising Lessons I’ve learned in Japan

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Konnichiwa from Japan! I am a TTS ’14 alum (shout out to my Red Dirt Divas!) and after attending college and grad school in Virginia, my next step took me to Gunma, Japan to teach English with the JET Program! Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the past few months in this [...]

Classes ARE travel at this high school.

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Did you know that you don't need to take time off from school to travel? You can go to school AND travel at the same time. At The Traveling School, classes ARE travel. A recent article from the Matador Network by Amanda Machado explored how THINK Global School and The Traveling School are providing opportunities [...]