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Alumna Spotlight: Emma Owens Receives Adventure Learning Grant

Upon returning from her Traveling School semester, Emma Owens realized a passion for learning in classrooms without walls.  Now, a student at Fairhaven college, Emma plans on taking her passion to India. As a recipient of the Adventure Learning Grant, Emma will travel around India studying their education system. “My project is a culmination of [...]

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Traveling School Impact: #StrongWomen

Alexa reflects on her Traveling School semester -- a decade later Alexa Wagner, TTS14 This upcoming fall marks my 10-year Traveling School anniversary. Sometimes, it feels so long ago that I was bumping along rural roads in southern Africa, or sitting around a campfire listening to Japhet and Crispen's stories. However, more often than not, [...]

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Traveling School Impact: #ToEachTheirOwn

When Erin Rose joined The Traveling School in 2017, she had no idea the impact an all-female, international semester would make on her world-view and future goals. After spending the semester traveling through South America, Erin Rose returned home to Atlanta, Georgia, but realized she wanted more out of her education. “I found that coming [...]

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Traveling School Impact: #GlobalHome

Three years ago, Simrill Smith hopped off a plane from a life-changing experience at The Traveling School’s 26th semester in southern Africa. Simrill remembers the inspiring classes and strong community that developed at The Traveling School with deep fondness. “My semester had the most amazing women on it whom I still talk to on a [...]

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Alumnae Spotlight: Jane Belcaster, Spring 2018

At 18 years old, Jane is already leaning in and making an impact through her high school newspaper, the Trapeze. Inspired by a journalism course her sophomore year, Jane is now the managing editor as a senior. “The Traveling School gave me a new sense of confidence,” Jane says, which has allowed her to speak [...]

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Memories of Africa

Last fall, participants in The Traveling School’s southern Africa semester had the opportunity to experience Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa in an incredibly personal way. This group of students, and their bus, Big Blue, embarked on an academic adventure graced with the spray of the Zambezi River, friendships formed with members of a San [...]

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15 Reasons to give to The Traveling School this year!

Are you wondering ‘why should I give to The Traveling School’? Well, we’ve a got 15 reasons to contribute to the The Traveling School financial aid fund to celebrate our 15th year: Reason #15: Donating makes you feel good! We’re not kidding! Studies have shown that donating can boost your mood, increase brain activity and [...]

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