Alumnae Spotlight: Jane Belcaster, Spring 2018

At 18 years old, Jane is already leaning in and making an impact through her high school newspaper, the Trapeze.

Inspired by a journalism course her sophomore year, Jane is now the managing editor as a senior. “The Traveling School gave me a new sense of confidence,” Jane says, which has allowed her to speak up.

Since returning from her Traveling school semester, Jane reflects, “I wrote a story criticizing how my school complies with Title IX because they weren’t doing as much as I think they could around this issue. I wouldn’t have had the guts to do that – putting my high school athletics on blast – before The Traveling School.”

The very next issue, Jane wrote a front page article highlighting her in-person interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. After requesting a 15-minute interview in a handwritten letter, Jane spent a full hour with the Supreme Court Justice and women’s rights champion. .

She started her letter to Justice Ginsburg with “… five months ago, I might not have had the courage to send a letter like this to someone like you…” because, Jane asserts, it was the confidence she gained on her Traveling School semester that moved her to reach out to her shero.

“The Traveling School is important for gaining that sense of confidence as a girl and speaking up in a way that women and girls aren’t conditioned to do,” Jane explains.

After her Traveling School semester and learning in an all-female environment, Jane beams, “I no longer have this feeling of not wanting to raise my hand for fear of being too outspoken, being bossy. I no longer have this feeling that I need to tame my voice.”

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