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Affording a Semester

We recognize the cost of attending an immersive program like The Traveling School may be difficult for many families to afford. The Traveling School is committed to providing the opportunity to attend this program regardless of economic background.  We offer Financial Aid as well as Merit Scholarships to help students in making their dreams with the Traveling School a reality. 

Financial Aid Applications

The Traveling School contracts FACTS Management to ensure impartiality and professionalism in determining financial aid. FACTS collects applications and required documents for evaluation based on financial need, extenuating circumstances and available financial aid funds. 

  • Financial aid applications are open after January 1
  • Completed financial aid applications are due February 15th
  • Develop and submit a Fundraising Plan using the Fundraising Plan Template to The Traveling School by February 15th 

Determining Financial Aid Awards

FACTS Management makes evaluations of applications and recommends financial aid awards. The Traveling School Financial Aid Committee will call the family with applicable award information.

Financial Aid Policies

  • Students applying for financial aid must commit to raise a portion of their tuition
  • Applications must be completed by February 15th
  • Financial aid recipients are required to write two (2) thank you letters – one before the semester and one after the semester

Merit Scholarship 

The Traveling School may offer limited merit-based scholarships for those families who do not quality for need-based aid. These scholarships do not exceed $3500 and are reserved for applicants who demonstrate that they are excellent candidates for the school.

To qualify for the Merit Scholarship:

  • All applicants must apply for Financial Aid via FACTS Management. 
  • Applications must be completed by February 15th
  • Students are required to submit a Merit Scholarship Application & Fundraising Plan 


Approximately 75% of all Traveling School students have successfully raised money in their home communities across the country. Fundraising can help with tuition, books, spending money, gear, and flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my parents are divorced, who should fill out the financial aid application?

If parents are divorced, both parents must complete a financial aid application.

How many students receive some sort of financial aid?                                                                                           

The Traveling School is committed to providing the opportunity to attend this program regardless of economic background.  Since 2003, The Traveling School has distributed $903,690 in financial aid. Between 40%-50% of students each year receive financial aid.

How much financial aid will I receive?                                                                                                                

Financial aid awards range from 10% to 60% of tuition depending on need and availability.

Are there payment plans available for managing tuition payments?                                                            

Payment plans for tuition are available for all families through FACTS management. Payments through this platform can be made from bank accounts or credit cards and are ONLY for tuition payments.  Deposits and fees must be paid directly to The Traveling School by check.