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History of The Traveling School

The Traveling School started in the spring of 2000 with an original concept generated by a group of high school girls and their teacher, Gennifre Hartman.

“What if,” one asked, “What if there was a school that traveled around the world while we still kept up-to-date with our classes?”

“What if,” asked another, “What if it was all-girls so that we could just hang out and be ourselves?”

“What if,” asked a third, “What if it was for a single-semester so we could go back to school and still be able to go to prom and participate in a regular high school?”

As a teacher, Hartman thought, “What if all of the classes were about the areas where we are traveling to expose the girls to inspiring, authentic learning in a genuine setting?”

Together, they brainstormed their dream school. They described a school with a rigorous educational platform that gives students an inspiring alternative to traditional education for a single semester during their high school careers. This group of confident, intelligent, inquisitive young women described a program for girls, a program with authentic overseas exploration, a program with place-based academics, a program with an emphasis on outdoor skills development, and a program that would offer financial aid.

And The Traveling School was born.

Since that time, many talented, committed individuals continue to contribute and support The Traveling School. The Traveling School is a professionally-run non-profit organization with a commitment to financial aid, sustainability, and developing the organizational and financial capacity to sustain its efforts. This strengthens our mission: to enrich the lives of teenage girls with an enduring educational experience focusing on overseas exploration, academic challenges, expanded outdoor skills, and a deeper comprehension of the world.

Since our first semester in 2003, The Traveling School has built a strong track record of providing exceptional teachers who act as role models, and serve as a catalyst for future leaders with the insight and dedication to affect broad-based social change. The Traveling School has brought together girls from all over the United States and the world to overseas destinations to learn, interact and become global citizens who strive to be agents of change.