Creo File: Tate Drucker, Travel Photographer

What are TTS Alumnae up to?  Read a recent interview by Creo Magazine about Alumna Tate Drucker (TTS18, TTS19). “Creo had the great opportunity to pick the brain of Tate Drucker, a San Francisco based freelance photographer and photojournalist. She focuses on documentary and travel photography and her work has been featured in schools, magazines, and online publications throughout [...]

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5 Ways to Give Back To The Traveling School

phi·lan·thro·py /fəˈlanTHrəpē/ n. 1.  Works or endeavor, as charitable aid or endowments, intended to increase the well-being of humanity. 2. Love of humanity in general. Synonyms: generosity, humanitarianism, public-spiritedness, altruism, social conscience. 5. STAY IN TOUCH Check out the Life After TTS tab on our new website – we love to connect TTSers to each other [...]

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