15 Reasons to give to The Traveling School this year!

Are you wondering ‘why should I give to The Traveling School’? Well, we’ve a got 15 reasons to contribute to the The Traveling School financial aid fund to celebrate our 15th year:

Reason #15: Donating makes you feel good!

We’re not kidding! Studies have shown that donating can boost your mood, increase brain activity and have long term health benefits. When you donate to The Traveling School, you’re not only helping to make a Traveling School semester possible for young women, you’re helping yourself, too!


Reason #14: By giving, you’ll inspire the next generation of globally minded leadership.

Every Traveling School student gains important leadership skills and learns the tools to put them to use. Couple that with an experience that pushes her comfort zone and builds confidence, and she’s on their way to being the next female leader of her community, our country, and the world.



Reason #13: You’ll help to engage women in the world.

It can be so easy for people to stay in their own communities surrounded by likeminded people. The Traveling School challenges this in every young woman, pushing her comfort zone, exposing her to different cultures and ways of life, and engaging her as a global citizen in the world around her.



Reason #12: The Traveling School is all about empowering young women, and so are you!

The definition of empower is to ‘make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling her life and claiming her rights.’ Need we say more??



Reason #11: Every young woman deserves the chance to go on an international semester.

We don’t want the cost of tuition to be a barrier to anyone who wants to participate in a Traveling School semester. But unfortunately, it often is. By giving to The Traveling School this fall, you’ll help to break down this barrier and make an international semester accessible to more girls from all different backgrounds.



Reason #10: If you donate on Giving Tuesday, you’ll be entered win cool schwag.

If you contribute to the financial aid fund on Giving Tuesday, you’ll not only get a sticker, but you’ll also be entered for a chance to win a Traveling School hat, travel mug or necklace.



Reason #9: Your donation supports young women to develop and use their powerful voices to make positive change.

When students return home from a Traveling School semester, they report feeling more confident to speak their mind. They also feel they’ve developed the confidence to become leaders and make an impact in their communities.



Reason #8: TTS students bond while overseas to build lasting and meaningful relationships.

When it comes down to it, life is really about the people we share it with. Each semester forms a community and Traveling School girls form deep relationships and friendships that last forever. You can be a part of helping teenage girls find their tribes.



Reason #7: Our world needs its young people to be globally minded and engaged locally. YOUR donation makes this happen.

We live in an increasingly interconnected world with ever complicated issues. Our school’s curriculum is centered around engaging students to make an impact locally, while thinking about issues on a global level. Few other programs offer experiential international education, made possible through friends like you.



Reason #6: Your gift opens the world to young women and shows them their limitless potential.

Sometimes it’s hard for teenagers, especially girls, to feel confident and know their true potential. At The Traveling School, our teenage girls learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment. This helps them to realize just how awesome they really are.



Reason #5: Even a small donation can make a big difference.

As little as $25 can pay for entry into a museum or cultural activity for a student. Every little bit counts, and if everyone gives even a small amount, it will add up to make a huge impact.




Reason #4: ALL of your donation will go directly to making a TTS semester possible for a future student.

That’s right – all of it! For our year end campaign, we are dedicating all funds raised to provide financial aid for students next year.



Reason #3: Because The Traveling School is just plain FUN!

We’ve given you all of these serious reasons so far, but let’s be real. The Traveling School is fun! These girls get to raft, hike, make friends, travel, eat new foods, see new places. While an international semester is certainly a challenge, it is also a blast.



Reason #2: Investing in education is always worth it.

Education is the key to the success of individuals, families and communities. The Traveling School provides a place-based, experiential education that gives students a unique opportunity to think creatively and learn individually.



Reason #1: When you donate, YOU change a life.

Think about how cool that is! YOU have the ability to help a smart, ambitious young woman go on an international semester. Because of your generosity, a student who might not be able to afford to go is able to travel the world, engage in an experiential education, and come home confident and empowered.



The real question is, why wouldn’t you want to donate to The Traveling School? Click here to give now!

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