Teen Vogue – The Coolest High Schools Across the Country

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-Article by Heather Schwedel "High school is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of," Kurt Vonnegut (an author you'll find on many an AP English syllabus) wrote. And it's true, there's something about the mythos—gym class, late bells, lockers, Scantrons, homecoming, prom—that does seem undeniably all-American. But [...]

South-West Africa 2013, TTS22

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Read about the entire adventure here: http://tts22.blogspot.com/ "On our last full day in Africa, as girls and teachers of TTS22 teetered on our own personal borders of our semester in Africa and our return back to the USA, we visited Victoria Falls to see over 10 million liters of water per minute crash down the [...]