Traveling School Board of Directors

Daniel CenterPresident
  • Base Camp: Montana
  • Board Member since 2015
Dan works as the Finance Manager for the Gallatin Valley Land Trust in Bozeman, Montana and brings his non-profit financial knowledge to The Traveling School Board. He has a degree in History from Williams College. Dan has had the pleasure of traveling to many places TTS visits including Peru, Mozambique, and Malawi and has worked as an outdoor leader and dorm parent at a semester school in North Carolina. Dan believes in the critical roles world travel and cultural exchange play in his own daughter’s education and is excited to be a part of helping TTS provide that for other girls. Dan can often be found trail running, skiing, or camping with his daughter and two dogs in the mountains surrounding Bozeman.


Julie Mansisidor Traveling School
Julie Mansisidor Vice President
  • Base Camp: California
  • Founding Board Member since 2000
Julie Mansisidor is a publications consultant in Roseville, CA, specializing in technical editing. She didn’t have the opportunity to travel as a student, so she enjoys the chance to help provide the life-changing experience The Traveling School offers to girls, especially scholarship students. She is active at the elementary school her two children attend, including serving on the Site Council, helping in the classroom and participating in PTC activities. She and her husband, Chris Ewers, are active bike commuters and enjoy taking their kids and dog hiking, kayaking and camping.


Nancy LykkehoyTreasurer
  • Base Camp: Minnesota
  • Board Member since 2015

Nancy is a strong supporter of the Traveling School and their mission in enriching the lives of young girls. Her daughter, Megan, was on TTS 20 to Zambia, Mozambique, and South Africa, and is now in Italy for her freshman year of college. Her son also did an exchange in Japan his junior year of high school. She has a huge love and desire to travel, traveling to over 12 countries. Her driving interest stems for her college friend who grew up in Nicaragua. Nancy has been a host mom to nearly 10 students as well as a constant supporter of exchange opportunities. Nancy has a strong background in operations, planning, and project management through her work at Schwan’s and General Mills. Nancy has seen the tremendous positive effect The Traveling School has on young women, opening the world to her daughter and other girls just like her. “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Emily Mallory
Emily MallorySecretary
  • Base Camp: Utah
  • Board Member since 2016
  • Faculty for Fall Semester, Southern Africa, 2008
  • Faculty for Spring Semester, Central America, 2009
Emily’s believes passionately in the powerful intersection of education and travel. In high school she participated in international education programs that laid the foundation for her commitment to the field of education. In the U.S. and overseas, Emily has designed and facilitated education and training programs for young people and adults. One of her most rewarding professional experiences has been working with the Traveling School. Currently Emily is a middle school teacher at The McGillis School and the SHIFT Program Manager at the Utah Film Center, training educators to integrate digital media into the classroom. She has a B.A. in International Affairs and Anthropology from University of Colorado and a M.A. in Global Education and Social Studies from The Ohio State University. Fly fishing, hiking, dancing, traveling, speaking Spanish, and being in wide open spaces nurture Emily’s soul.
Molly Berndt
Molly Berndt
  • Base Camp: Oklahoma
  • Board Member since 2010
Molly earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. She then went on to receive her M.B.A. with a focus in International Business and Business Strategy. Molly has been employed by Lockton Companies where she first worked as a trainer and focused on associate development. Her role includes Project Management and Business Analyst work. While Molly is not a previous student, teacher or TTS parent, the reputation of TTS and the staff/teachers drew her to support this amazing organization. Molly is a therapeutic horseback riding instructor and coaches Special Olympics athletes. In her spare time, she enjoys enjoying spending with her husband Tyson, daughter Evelyn and Emmaline, and two dogs, Moose and Gus.

Stephanie Miskell
  • Base Camp: Maine
  • Board Member since 2016

Stephanie comes to the Traveling School Board as a parent of a TTS23 participant. Her daughter, Susannah, had a rich learning experience with the school in South America which solidified interests in social justice, international relations and Spanish language. Stephanie saw the ways her daughter’s direct involvement with other cultures’ day to day social issues impacted her and gave her real issues she wanted to study in college. Stephanie got involved with fundraising for TTS in order to help the school work towards having a Financial Aid endowment with the goal of making this tremendous experience available to all girls who want it. Living in Greece in the 1970’s allowed Stephanie and her family to travel to Europe and Turkey. There she developed an interest in understanding cultural differences. Today, Stephanie and her husband and kids continue to discover new places whenever possible. Stephanie has a Master’s in Social Work and was an elementary school social worker and also worked with child victims of abuse at a guidance clinic. She has worked on various development projects for her children’s respective schools and served on several local nonprofit organization Boards. Stephanie loves to take long walks with her dog in summer, enjoys snowshoeing in the winter and traveling whenever possible.