What We Do

Travel with 15 motivated girls and four inspiring teachers to a unique region of the globe. Earn high school credit while exploring the world. Develop outdoor skills and confidence. Immerse yourself in a new culture.

Where We Go

Spend a high school semester outside of the classroom. Fall semesters explore southern Africa. Spring semesters discover Latin America.  Travel through several countries over 15 weeks immersed in diverse cultures and inspiring landscapes.

Why We Go

Be part of an all-female environment that fosters global competence and self-awareness. Return home with a new understanding of your place in the world and become motivated to make positive change.

Why Choose The Traveling School

  • Immerse yourself in the world as your classroom
  • Study abroad before going to college
  • Expand your limits through authentic cultural interactions
  • Learn about your surroundings from the people you meet
  • Develop leadership skills and a sense of community while living with your peers
  • Be inspired about learning from challenging place-based academics and experienced teachers
  • Gain confidence in an all-female environment through outdoor adventures
  • Cultivate self-awareness, respect, and a sense of environmental and social responsibility

Where are we traveling to next?

  • Fall Semester, 2015: Southern Africa – Now Accepting Applications
  • Spring Semester, 2016: South America – Now Accepting Applications
  • Fall Semester, 2016: Southern Africa – Accepting Applications beginning in June 2015

What Our Students Say

They all gave me goose bumps at some point or another- whether it was while debating human rights, talking about math in abstract ways I’d never imagined it before, singing Spanish love songs, or getting excited over the bioluminescence we had just scuba dived with. Everything we learned was dimensional and full of passion.
Emilia Von Saltza
I don’t think I can better describe a TTS teacher than the way they were once described to me: “The kind of women I want to be when I grow up”. All four of my teachers this semester were inspiring in their passion for travel, willingness to both teach and listen, curiosity, and (most of all) contagious excitement about the world.
Eliza McNair
We were also cared for, and ALWAYS had someone to talk to. If we were hungry, snacks were bought! If someone needed a hug, a mentor was there. There really were no glitches in the TTS system.
TTS Student


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